The Aha Moment

The Rise of the Underdogs

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Why was Poochie Diva brand created?

Our team noticed the Japanese character Hello Kitty is almost in every store you walk in. We’re sure you already noticed. But one day an overwhelming flaw was brought up about this billion dollar face. “The Kitty had no lips!

Searching online everyday for inspiration and knowledge is our team’s fav past time, so researching what Hello Kitty brand/character stood for was fun.

We found most Hello Kitty fans started collecting at a young age and many are happy Sanrio the owners of Hello Kitty, offer products not just for the young girls anymore but for women with a high end fashion taste.

The search also found Hello Kitty lovers often owned cute little diva dogs. Not cats which we thought the cat character might sway collectors to be cat owners as well. Not the case!

Overall, in our option we found Hello Kitty being cute but, really didn’t notice a true message.The billion dollar a year earning kitty didn’t have a mouth. Wait! The company recently revealed that the character is actually a girl…not a kitty. Not giving a girl character a mouth on purpose doesn’t sound too nice, especially if so many fans could be touched by her motivating voice.

Immediately the creative minds went to questioning, Was Hello Kitty’s mouthless design a hidden message asserting that females shouldn’t speak out?” If so, something had to be done and that something is The Poochie Diva brand.

"Never Underestimate the UnderDogs!"

~ Alexander the Creative

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