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01. What are your rules on posting messages and/or comments on PoochieDiva.com? TOP

We welcome our divas to post messages and thoughts on POOCHIEDIVA.com, but kindly ask that all user comments abide by the posting guidelines below. Please note that any comments or posts may be removed at the sole discretion of POOCHIEDIVA.com. Thanks so much for Speaking Out in Life!

  • Please do not post any content that may be considered offensive, controversial or inappropriate to PoochieDiva.com or its visitors in any manner. (JUST KIDDING) If that was 100% true we might as well not have the site up.

But we do ask no cursing, extreme vulgar or sexual based blogs and comments. Give respect to each other at some level.

  • Please do not include images or references of any activity that may be considered unlawful or inappropriate to Poochiediva.com.
  • Please do not include business advertising.
  • Please do not include content that may violate the integrity or reputation of Poochie Diva, Poochie Diva Intellectual Properties or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.
  • Please do not include content that may cause legal liability to Poochie Diva or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.

02. Is Poochie Diva looking for models and or dog models? TOP

Poochie Diva is currently searching for a confident spokesmodel to inspire females worldwide to Speak Out!

03.Can I use your characters on my homepage/websites?TOP

Our characters are copyrighted and we cannot give permission to use them on personal homepages. We hope to provide artwork of that nature in the future. Please check back to see if we have set up a free Poochie Diva download area.

04. What is the name of the dog Poochie Diva has on its logo?TOP



Diamonds are girl’s best friend of course! 

05. What kind of dog is Diamond TOP

Diamond is a Chihuahua

06. Is Poochie Diva just for small dog lovers/owners?TOP

Absolutely not, we know Divas come in all shapes and sizes…that goes the same for the Poochie Divas too.

07. Is Poochie Diva brand just for dog lovers?TOP

Of course not, anyone with a voice is welcome to share and read from all types of other Divas in the world.

08. Is Poochie Diva picking on Hello Kitty?TOP

No…not at all. medium_118028878 Hello Kitty is a Diva that hasn’t been given the chance to speak out to all her fans. Sanrio the company that created her says “Hello Kitty speaks from her heart. She’s Sanrio’s ambassador to the world and isn’t bound to any particular language.” We at Poochie Diva think that is a poor answer and feel the Hello Kitty should be given a mouth for a real chance to say Hello. We cant promise that at times situations wont get catty (LOL) You know how diva drama is!

09. What is the Flip for her Lips Rally about?. TOP

flip for her lips rally1 Flip Out! Flip Out Flip Out! It’s time to get a little crazy to bring attention to a pair of lips that were never given to a well-known kitty character. This rally was created to help show the world that there are millions of people out there that care if Hello Kitty gets a mouth and can speak out to her fans. We have created a cute pooch named Mumbles, who has sacrificed removing her lips to be the face of those that can’t speak out. Mumbles and Diamond will be the two underdogs to bring attention on the mouthless Hello Kitty that earns billions of American money. Our Bill of Rights protects free speech and what is more important is the ability to speak. Isn’t it ironic , that even though America is based on Speaking Out, the Hello Kitty character does not represent our culture. In fact, Hello Kitty is a Japanese based character, sold in America, representing a culture  known for their females not being pushed to speak out. Well guess what…the All- American Poochie Diva brand plans to do something about this. http://poochiediva.com/hellomumbles

10. What does DDMO because… or Don’t Dog Me Out because … saying mean?TOP

This is a saying that has started here at Poochie Diva. The short version is: Don’t be upset with me because of my opinions. Longer version: People like and dislike so much in this world that it is impossible for everyone to agree and see eye to eye on every topic. Here on Poochie Diva we promote people standing up and Speaking Out in Life . If you love collecting/wearing high heels…voice that as well as wear them. If you dislike reality shows voice it…but also know many will not agree with you and that’s OK because it’s your opinion. Don’t Dog Me Out has been created because here at Poochie Diva we live how we feel is best for us not for anyone else.  

11. Do you have any new characters coming out soon?TOP

New characters are always being created. Keep checking our website to see what’s new! Diamond and Hello Mumbles are our current Diva characters.

12. Who is Mumbles?TOP


Hello Mumbles is the face  for all those that don’t speak out. A white Chihuahua that has removed her mouth to make a bold statement in the movement for females without a voice. 
Hello Mumbles, the star of the Summer 2016 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and the Flip For Her Lips Rally, not only will engage site members to choose what type of gorgeous lips she should have but help raise funds to hire exceptional designers to build Poochie Diva’s fashion lines.  Representing women and their four-legged best friends worldwide who don’t or can’t use their voice. The product line will support the “Live Life Speaking Out” motto and fight for the rights of dog rescue as well as abused and abandoned children.  A percentage of all proceeds will soon fund the DogRescue.Me sister site.


13. Are there any Poochie Diva products out I can buy?TOP

Not tons of products yet… but there are plenty of logoed tops here to buy: http://poochiediva.spreadshirt.com/ We are working on getting Poochie Diva on every product you can imagine. Please be patient while we get these products and gifts ready for all our fans. Our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter or go fund me will raise the needed funds for a fabulous designer to help create with Poochie Diva’s lines.

14. Are there licensing opportunities to use Poochie Diva?TOP

Definitely! This is our main reason for getting Poochie Diva online so early.



Please contact : poochiediva101@yahoo.com or call our sales department at 585-820-1527   photo credit: <a href=”https://www.flickr.com/photos/threemilesdwn/118028878/”>Alexandra Roberts</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/”>cc</a>