Eye-opening Aha Moment

The brainchild of Poochie Diva is “Alexander the Creative” known to his friends as “Hersh Alexander or Bertram M. Alexander.” The Poochie Diva site is all about self-expression and making your voice heard.

A curious guy by nature Hersh noticed an overwhelming flaw with one of the world’s top brands, Sanrio’s Hello Kitty. Their kitty has no lips. Immediately the creative mind went to questioning,

“Was Hello Kitty’s mouthless design a hidden subliminal message asserting that females shouldn’t speak out?”

If so, something had to be done and that something is Poochie Diva.



Mumbles, the star of the Flip For Her Lips Rally, not only will engage site members to choose what type of gorgeous lips she should have but help raise funds to hire exceptional designers to build Poochie Diva’s fashion lines. Representing women and their four-legged best friends worldwide who don’t or can’t use their voice. The product line will support the “Live Life Speaking Out” motto and fight for the rights of dog rescue as well as abused and abandoned children.

A percentage of all proceeds will soon fund the DogRescue.Me sister site. For now, the Poochie Diva brand showcases the bond of women, fashion and their beloved dogs.


Rochester/New York, United States